Cassiterite Hemerdon Mine, Plympton, Devon


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This Cassiterite specimen is from Hemerdon Mine, Plympton, Devon with several sharp lustrous black crystals.

Cassiterite is a tin oxide mineral, SnOwhich is generally opaque, but is translucent in thin crystals. Its luster and multiple crystal faces produce a desirable gem. Cassiterite has been the chief tin ore throughout ancient history and remains the most important source of tin today.

Mineral Group oxide
Composition SnO2
Origin Hemerdon Mine, Plympton, Devon
dimension (cm) 5.5x4x2
weight (g) 59
 Drakelands Mine – formerly known as Hemerdon Mine, or the Hemerdon Ball or Hemerdon Bal Mine – is a tungsten and tin mine. It is located 11 km (7 miles) northeast of Plymouth, near Plympton, in Devon, England. It lies to the north of the villages of Sparkwell and Hemerdon and adjacent to the large china clay pits near Lee Moor. The mine was out of operation since 1944, except for the brief operation of a trial mine in the 1980s, but work started to re-open it in 2014. It hosts the fourth largest tin-tungsten deposit in the world.

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Weight 59 g
Dimensions 5.5 x 4 x 2 cm