millerite from Newbridge Colliery, Gwent, South Wales


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a very unique specimen of millerite from Newbridge Colliery, Gwent, South Wales

Mineral Group  sulphide
Composition  NiS
Origin  Newbridge Colliery, Gwent, South Wales
dimension (cm)  6x6x5.5
weight (g)  128
Millerite has been found in cavities in coal seams by miners in the Kladno region of central Bohemia for more than a hundred years. It forms fine hair-like crystals, consisting of flexible needles, brassy yellow in colour. These needles sometimes reach a remarkable length (6 cm) and miners call them ‘golden hair’. The millerite needles can be seen only after the ball-shaped formations are broken up. Though the nickel content is nearly 56 per cent, it is never considered as a nickel ore. This is because nowhere in the world does it occur in workable quantities.

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Weight 128 g
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 5.5 cm