bloodstone grey/green chalcedony with red spots


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a specimen of bloodstone – grey/green chalcedony with red spots and is also known as the mineral aggregate heliotrope. The red spots are formed by iron oxide impurities, especially Hematite.

Mineral Group  oxide
Composition  SiO2
Origin  Africa
dimension (cm)  10.5x7x5
weight (g)  253

This stone was used to stop bleeding especially nosebleeds.

There is a legend that says it was formed from the blood of Christ dripping on the green earth and solidifying. It was also called heliotrope by the Greeks and was thought to bring change. It has been used as an amulet to protect against the evil eye. Bloodstone is the symbol of justice.

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Weight 253 g
Dimensions 10.5 x 7 x 5 cm