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this specimen is a small cluster of intensely violet amethyst crystals

Mineral Group  oxide
Composition  SiO2
dimension (cm)  3x2x2
weight (g)  30
A violet coloured macro crystalline variety of quartz. The strongest shades of colour occur in the crystal terminations. Colours can fade. Heating gives rise to yellow, brown, green and colourless tones. Amethyst has been synthesised.
It has been coloured violet by iron and was traditionally worn to protect against intoxication. This belief has its roots in the legend of Bacchus, the god of wine, who one day fell in love with Amethyst, one of the goddess Diana’s nymphs. In order to protect her from Bacchus’ amorous advances, Diana transformed her into a rock crystal, making her as pure as she was inaccessible. Bacchus was so heartbroken that he emptied his goblet of wine over the rock, which immediately turned violet. This superstition led to the practice of bishops wearing an amethyst on their finger as a symbol of temperance. For a long time amethyst was hard to find and so was as valuable as other precious stones, until the discovery, at the beginning of this century, of huge deposits in Brazil and Uruguay, which yielded crystals, weighing several kilograms.
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Weight 30 g
Dimensions 3 x 2 x 2 cm