Rocks and Mineral specimens for sale

Over a period I have accumulated a small mineral collection which includes examples of minerals from most groups.
mineral specimens for saleMineral specimens in groups such as native elements; arsenates; borates; carbonates; chlorides; fluorides; sulphides; oxides; phosphates; halides; carbonates; borate; sulphates; tungstates; molybdates and silicates.

Now the time has come to downsize and the collection is on the market.

I am happy to sell single specimens or make me an offer for the lot.

Also please contact me for the best price and postage option on buying multiple specimens.

Dimensions and weight shown are a good indication of the specimen size and photographs show general appearance.
But please contact me if you need more info.

I am slowly adding specimens to the Shop and you can use the RSS feed to keep up to date with any additionsmineral specimens rss feed